Nut Milk

I use milk in many of my recipes, and for people who are dairy intolerant or just don’t like the taste of cows’ milk, nut milk is the perfect alternative.  Please never buy commercial nut milk, as nuts contain a hard-to-digest substance called phytates.  Soaking and sprouting neutralize this substance, which is why I advocate for this extra step.  Coconut milk is very good too, as long as you don’t mind the flavor of coconut. (See post #5 for soaking and sprouting instructions.)



  1. Combine all the ingredients in your blender and blend on high for 50 seconds.
  2. Taste for flavor, and add more vanilla, salt, or sweetener if needed.
  3. Using a fine sieve, strain the milk into a storage jar, and refrigerate.  Milk should be used within the first few days of making.

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