These are fantastic! You can sub another nut flour for almond, and make sure you sprout your nuts! You could also sub butter/ghee/meat fat in for the coconut oil. Enjoy with berry compote and dairy-free honey-butter (both coming soon!).  As they only make about three waffles, double or triple the recipe according to your needs.

Healthy Home Body

When you first start the GAPS diet, you become so consumed with the broth, getting enough sauerkraut juice in you, and doing things “right”, that maybe for a time you don’t miss some of the old foods you were eating.  Eventually, though, when the dust settles, you start to crave a few of your old favorites.  Hooray!  There are GAPS substitutes which are just as yummy!  As you progress through the stages of the Intro diet and come to Full GAPS, you realize that there are so many foods that you CAN eat on GAPS that you don’t really miss much of the old food that you ate.  When I start to think of us coming up to our two year mark on GAPS and to that time when we can start deciding to slowly introduce new foods, it actually makes me a little nervous (OK – very nervous!) because…

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