Our Genetically Modified Life

Most Americans consume scientifically altered “food” on a regular basis.  Only recently are we becoming aware of this horrifying truth, and acting against it.

In North America, over 80% of food is GM.  The most common GMO foods are corn, soy, sugar beets, cotton, canola, Hawaiian papaya, alfalfa, and summer squash.  If you want to change over to organic more slowly, these would then be the foods you would want to change first, as well as the “Dirty Dozen”: foods which contain more pesticides than other foods. Here’s the list:







Bell Peppers



Cherry Tomatoes

Snap Peas



The GM farmers seed huge fields covered with many acres of one crop. Helicopters spray poison on these crops to kill weeds and bugs, as well as synthetic fertilizer.  If you drive past a ginormous expanse of corn, chances are that it is genetically modified.

Animals are fed some of this bad grain too. Unless you buy organic meat, what you are eating was quickly fattened on a diet of GM corn and soy before being slaughtered. And if you feed your cat or dog non-organic dry food, the grains that are in that are GM too!

Now, in case you are wondering, what is bad about GMO?

GMO food is foreign to our bodies.  When food is in its natural form, our bodies know what to do with it, they know how to digest it.  When it is genetically modified, they are confused by the scientific make-up of the food.  And over time, this wears down our digestive tracts and causes disease. See my post on the root of modern health problems: The Problem With Our Food System, and What YOU Can Do About It

GMO food is bad for our soil and our land.  Farming the same ground with the same crops year after year depletes the ground of the minerals needed by that particular crop.  Thus, farmers use synthetic fertilizers and poisons to patch up that problem, but unfortunately, they also make the problem worse.

GMO hurts the already fragile bee population, and causes problems with cross-pollination, when an organic farm and a GM farm are near-by. See this link.

When we eat GM, not only do we eat artificial food, we are also consuming trace amounts of pesticides leftover on the produce. Scary!

And also, as if all these issues weren’t enough, the majority of the population still doesn’t know about the dangers of GM.

In my opinion, if everybody in the U.S. were to know and understand the things I just outlined, then the American public would demand that GM be outlawed. I mean, it’s scary, right? The idea of the food we eat being chemically altered in a science lab?

So, now that you believe me, you’re wondering, “What can I do to help?”

Buy organic food. Ask your parents to look for an organic section at your local supermarket, if there isn’t a natural food market in your area.  It might cost a little bit more, true. But that is a small price to pay for being able to eat real food the way our ancestors did.

Get your friends to boycott GM too!  One family might not seem like a big deal, but every person counts!




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