Salicylates are a property that are present in many foods, and cause allergic reactions in some people.  I first learned about them when I was having asthma regularly, without any obvious trigger, though we had noticed it usually occurred after eating certain foods. One time my mom typed “curry asthma attack trigger” into the search engine, and salicylates came up.

Ever since then, during the grass (May, June & July) and dust-mite (November & December) allergy seasons, I have to avoid all salicylate foods.  This is very difficult, as you can imagine. I end up eating a lot of scrambled eggs, salads, and chia seeds.

Salicylate reactions are different for different people. I get asthma, but many other people get hives, stomach upset, headaches and other symptoms.

One thing that is interesting is that not all salicylate dense foods bother all salicylate-sensitive people. I, for instance, can safely eat granny-smith apples, honey, and coconut, as well as several other things without having a reaction.

Because of this, if you think you might be sensitive to salicylates, it will probably take you a bit to find out which salicylate foods bother you.

See this link to a website that has been very helpful to me in dealing with salicylate intolerance.

Over the next few weeks I will publish a series of several recipes that are free of salicylates. Be sure to check back!


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